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Re: (TFT) RE: TFT Digest V1 #35

>> Here's another stab at trying to start a discussion...
>> Theres a house rule to make fatigue for spells separate for strength,
>> thereby gurpsifying TFT... i really dont like that rule... any.
>I haven't really tried playing out a system that does this - but I have
>thought about it a bit.  In Duels played using Wizard vs. Hero it seems a
>bit harsh on the wizards to have wounds and "mana" shared from the same

This really hasnt come up in any of my "Wizard vs Warrior" duels.
Everytime the wizard and warrior face each other from opposite
sides of the arena, the warrior has lost.  Always.  No exceptions.
In fact, the warrior never had a chance in most of them.


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