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Re: (TFT) After TFT

Brad Thurkettle wrote:
> Quick Poll
> What system did you go onto after TFT and why?

I am still playing TFT, I haven't finished with it yet.
I've played a lot of ADND and other RPG's most recently Deadlands, but
TFT is the only one I game master. It is my favourite rule system for
FRP. I like the 'looseness' of TFT and find it very easy to run. TFT's
basic rules are easy to understand and work well.

> I presume many went onto GURPS. What do you like/hate about the other system
> or did you stay with TFT ?

I got Man-To-Man when it first came out and I have picked up a couple of
GURPS worldbooks since. (Looking forward to Discworld). There are some
elements I borrow from GURPS and I did consider using some of the
Spell books. I have not actually played GURPS but to me it feels too
detailed for the sort of game I want. 


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