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Re: (TFT) Re: After TFT

> What system did you go onto after TFT and why?

Color me weird - I have _very_ little experience with games outside of
the Metagaming world.  I've played D&D once many years ago, after I'd
run through a few MicroQuests, and was vastly unimpressed.  Maybe it
was that I had a poor DM that day, or that the group I was in was not
happy with my inexperience, but it didn't work out that day, and...
I've never played an RPG since!

That's mostly due to the fact that I never found a group of people
willing to game after that (not that I looked hard).

I now have a copy of Battletech and Traveller staring at me from a
shelf, but I've never played them (they belonged to my late nephew).
I'm told they're fine games, but at this point I still have little
contact with local gamers, and I lack sufficient time to pick up a whole
new system for online gaming.

This last point is especially true now that I'm deep into a game of
GrailQuest with another list member (what fun!  Thanks, Guy!), and am
about to start to GM games for two other members.

So, call me a gaming heretic, but I've always liked the Microgames as
opposed to the sprawling Avalon Hill type games because they played fast,
had streamlined rulesets, and were easier on my budget 15-20 years ago!
I've got at least a half-dozen games on the shelves here that I've never
played because I've never found an opponent, and because I could never
get around the rules sufficiently to explain it to a potential opponent
(who never wanted to read the rules themselves, but have me teach them).

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