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(TFT) Re: After TFT

jodasi@hotmail.com <joel sira> wrote:
> we ended up in champions/hero system, which by the way, was recently
> voted best system out of their top 30.

I think you're referring to the article in the latest InQuest magazine,
which ranked RPG systems. This article is somewhat suspect, since it only
gave TFT an honorable mention. :-)

After we stopped playing TFT sometime in high school, I didn't do much
roleplaying. I dabbled in Call of Cthulhu, played AD&D on occasion, and
bought some GURPS books and played a few solo adventures, but never found a
regular group to play with. I guess I like GURPS the best of the systems
I've looked at, but I can easily see that if you really try to follow the
rules, you can get lost in all the complexity.

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