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(TFT) Re: After TFT

From: "Brad Thurkettle" <ThurkettleB@mojo.com.au>
> Subject: (TFT) After TFT

> What system did you go onto after TFT and why?

I was playing TFT and Chivalry and Sorcery simultaneously. When my TFT GM moved 
to GURPS, so did I. I've enjoyed it very much. It isn't really that much more 
complicated than TFT, if you don't use *all* the advanced and optional rules. 
The biggest reasons I switched were the system and the support.  I love the 
GURPS character and combat systems. I still prefer ST Batteries to Powerstones, 
even though I wrote the Complete Powerstone article for Roleplayer several 
years ago. I *love* Powerstone quirks. And the fact that I can get books like 
Aztecs and Traveller material (GURPS Traveller coming in September) keeps me 
coming back.

Now I'm on a nostaglia kick and getting things like the Microquests and other 
Metagaming products.
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