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Re: (TFT) TFT campaigning?

Campaign World.

Ever read any of Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar stuff?  It is great reading and
that is where I started my "world."  It has since taken on a life of it's
own, but still has it's roots in the world created by Feist.  The rule
changes required are mostly common sense.  The TFT magic provided in
Advanced Wizard is the "Lesser" magic from his books and the players have
seen the results of the "Greater" magic as depicted in his books, but since
none of them KNOW any of the spells, or have the ability to cast them, there
are no RULES per se.

One tip.  In my games, I am a story teller, and not out to kill the party.
There is danger around every corner and RISK to the characters, but it is
NOT a competition.  Sounds soft, but ask any of the guys in the game group
that are generating new characters when they do stupid things, and you will
see that the rule that the story must be told does not imply in any way that
the character is to be in the end of the saga...

I have changed the money system to be more in line with the econ. in the
books.  The monsters have been changed ever so slightly, again to fit the

Oh, and MAGIC is VERY rare and magicians are scorned and often hung on
sight.  Needless to say, running a wizard in my campaigns is challenging,
rewarding, and the center of quite a bit of grief for the warriors in the

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