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(TFT) RE: TFT Digest V1 #38

> Quick Poll
> What system did you go onto after TFT and why?

Maybe I should answer my own poll.

I went AD&D > TFT > Champions/Rolemaster > Fuzion

The RoleMaster being mainly at the GM's request, talk about detailed, 5 page
character sheets with no background info!

My preference is for the Hero system and more recently, Hero Games' latest
system, Fuzion. The interest is merely academic as I no longer play,
although I'm investigating online and pbem alternatives.

Bypassed the whole GURPS thing but downloaded the recent GURPS Lite release
and can see the pattern from TFT. I like the Spells-learnt-as-skills method
and the prerequisite of simpler spells before casting more powerful spells.

The Fuzion system scales very nicely from very simple to more complex. It
has a good super-hero system but needs a better system for magic.


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