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(TFT) Some questions...

This is partly in response to the game background that Rick Smith sent
me, and partly just some general questions I would like to ask the list:

Rick, I've never played any of the micros that this game world is based
on.  Is that too much of a hinderance, or will it not be a problem?  Any
notes/suggestions on character creation (any optional rules from the
webpage, or just vanilla TFT)?

Also, I may eventually want to run something set in the Duchy of Dran,
from the ITL rulebook.  Since I only own two adventure supplements for
TFT (Tollenkar's Lair, Forest Lords of Dihad), I was wondering what other
supplements are set in or around Dran.  So far, I've sorta figured out
the following:

	Tollenkar's Lair - part of the Dran setting (Landmaster Hall is even
shown on the map in ITL)
	Forest Lords of Dihan/Warrior Lords of Darok - set on Cidri, but
appaerantly a good chunk away, geography-wise, from Dran
	Death Test/Death Test 2/Orb Quest - either in its own world, or on a
part of Cidri not connected to Dran
	Grail Quest - not set on Cidri, but instead set in Camelot
	Security Station - starts out on Cidri, I believe, but the adventure
actually takes place on a post-holocaust Earth
As for Treasure of the Silver Dragon, Treasure of Unicorn Gold, and 
Master of the Amulets, I have no idea what the setting is for these
adventures.  Any info/corrections on any of the above, setting-wise,
would prove very useful (did I miss any?).  

Thanks in advance,

"Standing behind the girl won't do you any good, she'll only stop 3

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