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(TFT) Re: Some answers...

Hi Perry,
	I agree with what Joe said about the suppliments.  As far as
I know, the only adventures set in the example world map in the back
of ITL was T. Lair.  Most of the Micro-Quests had their ties to the 
outside world deliberately left vague so they could fit in almost any
where.  In the 'Land Beyond the Mountains', there were two published
adventures, Warrior Lords and Forest Lords.  Two others were indeed
published for another game system, but I never saw them.

	It is no problem that you have not played Death Test, DT2,
or Orb Quest.  This is a stand alone adventure.  I won't run the 
adventure until I have at least 2 or 3 people, so it won't be starting 
for a while.  When I does start, I will send notes on how it will
be played, special rules, and character generation out to the players.

	Thanks for your interest,  Rick

>This is partly in response to the game background that Rick Smith sent
>me, and partly just some general questions I would like to ask the list:

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