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Re: (TFT) Some questions...

knightsky@juno.com (Perry Holley) wrote:
> ...I have no idea what the setting is for these
> adventures.  Any info/corrections on any of the above, setting-wise,
> would prove very useful (did I miss any?).  

T's Lair and Forest Lords were the only 2 supplements published for ITL/TFT.
There were going to be more, but Metagaming folded.  I believe there were
two others that eventually got reworked and published for another game.

It's generally assumed that all the TFT material - ITL, the MicroQuests,
etc. - were based on Cidri.  ITL has this quote: "ITL, and most of the
Fantasy Trip material to follow, will be set in Cidri.  This enormous
polyglot world was chosen for two very good and totally opposite reasons.
The first is variety.  Cidri is big enough to hold thousands of Earths;
it has room for the world of every Game Master who'll ever put pencil to
hex-paper.  There's room here for every sort of fantasy adventure to
co-exist -- and in a logical manner.  And it provides a workable rationale
for the wierd melange of legend, historical fact, pre-history, science
fiction and sheer wild imagination that characterizes the work of the
best fantasy gamers.

"The second reason is the opposite one, consistency. ...  Whatever
strange lands you map, there's room for them on Cidri, just across
that pirate-infested sea or trackless desert.

"The Fantasy Trip system will work for historical adventures on Earth
itself, or for excursions into the past or future of your favorite author.
But parts of all of these are to be found on Cidri as well - that
was why it was created."

Whether or not you really want to put Camelot on Cidri is up to you; Guy
can comment if he wants on whether or not it's really there :)

The "where" never really mattered to me, as long as I could bring characters
from one game along into another if I chose, and that's not a problem.

I've seen comparisons made between Cidri and Larry Niven's Ringworld, which
is another example of a world so large it can house multiple game settings
that don't ever have to interact, but could if you wanted them to.

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