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Re: (TFT) The 6th Attribute.

Hi Everyone,
	If you want to split DX up into 2 attributes I would
suggest Speed.  Speed is the Adj DX (with out counting 
range modifiers) that is currently used for determining the
order of attacks each turn. 

	Thus you could create monsters that the players 
can hit first, but don't always have a low chance of hitting.

	I used Speed as a superscript modifier to DX in
my TFT campaign.  It is also used for all actions and talents
that allow a player to attack more than once in a turn (thus
Speed is used to see if you can fire twice per turn with a
bow, which ties in nicely with the normal rule about range
not affecting it.)

	Note, in the Creature Descriptions in my 
'Acid Ice Flows and Other Strangeness" article that Ty has
kindly put up on his web site, some of the Ny-Cassis type
creatures have a '+4' after their DX.  This means that they
have a low chance to hit, but normally will attack before 
the PC's who have MUCH lower than normal DXes because
of all the layers of clothing that they are wearing.


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