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Re: (TFT) The Missing Attribute and introductions

>>>>I really can't think of to many situations where the TFT choice of 3
>>>>falls short.

I can only see two situations where TFT's three attributes break down. 

A) The first is the number of Talents. While this simple mechanic is very
nice and well done, it's odd that experienced fighters are also effectively
genius. The Knoweldge Points rule (for the EP of one attribute you get 1 IQ
or 2 KN points) solves that.

B) The other is fatigue. It doesn't seem that powerful wizards should also
be super-strong. A very nice article (Thought-Powered Spells by Howard
Trump in an issue of the Fantasy Forum) solves that problem rather neatly.
To summarize (badly), for every 1 IQ point not allocated to Talents, you
have an additional 12 Fatigue for spells. 

>>>>Lastly, if anyone maybe able to help me. I just found out my copy of In
>>>>Labyrinth is missing the center maps. Is there anyone out there that
would be
>>>>willing to make me a copy? I'd pay postage.

Sorry, the origional owner of my copy colored them in! :{

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