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(TFT) Change to MotA gamebox

I finally had a bit of time (!) so I figured I'd play a round of Masters
of the Amulets with my CyberBoard set.  (I chose that since it seems to
lend itself to solitaire play pretty well with the hidden counters and

Well, it turns out that there were a couple of changes that needed to be
made to the gamebox.  One is to remove a duplicate amulet, and the other
is to explain in a bit more detail how to place the amulets without 
giving the locations away inadvertently.

The upshot is that there's now a new version of the MotA available.
If you've gotten this before, then the method of getting the file is the
same.  If you haven't gotten any of these gameboxes before, check the
details at http://www.brainiac.com/pbem.html to see what you need to
to to get them.

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