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Re: (TFT) New Character Generation System

>>>>>>The net result is that you don't have to have an
>>>>>>absurdly high IQ to have a decent mix of talents. 
Personally, I fixed that another way - I modified the number of points IQ
allows you to allocate to Talents rather than change the cost of all the
Talents. It was easier and didn't make the system 'incompatible' with
anything else. 

>>>>>>The DX adjustments for
>>>>>>armor and shields have been replaced by a weight-based encumbrance

I've always liked the DX adjustments as being a lot simpler to manage in a
game. Plus, they make a real balancing difference in combat. With GURPS,
the weight your carrying never really affects combat. 

>>>>>>I recall the TSG article (by Forrest Johnson?) on handicaps in TFT.
>>>>>>Unfortunately, I've lost my copy. So I'm compiling my own list.

Handicap                        Worth
Acrophobia              2
Alcoholic               2
Asthma                  3
Blind                   4
Breakdancing/Buffoonery         1
Butterfingers           4
Choleric                        3
Claustrophobic          4
Cowardly                3
Cuteness                2
Denseness               1
Drowning                        1
Dyslexia                        1
Eunuch                  2
Fat                     Variable
Groveling               2
Gullible                        1
Hard Of Hearing                 1
Hemophiliac             4
Homosexual              1
Insect Followers                1
Jerk                    1
Kleptomaniac            3
Klutz                   1
Lame                    2
Laziness                2
Loudmouth               1
Migraines               2
Milksop                         1
Miserly                         1
Moronic                         4       
Narcolepsy              2
Nearsighted             2
Neurotic                        Variable
Odious                  2
Old                     Variable        
One-Armed               3
One-Legged              3
One-Track Mind          3
Over-Sexed              2
Pacifist                        4
Pigeon                  1
Reputation              2
Rheumatic Fever                 4
Rube Goldberg Mind      3
Slob                    1
Squeamishness           3
Stumbling/Noisy                 1
Stuttering              4
Victim                  1
Watch Traps             1
Wimp                    1

>>>>>>Advantages and talents will be similar. In fact some talents will be
>>>>>>available as advantages. The difference is that you purchase a talent
>>>>>>character points; you get an advantage by taking a compensating

Wouldn't that same effect be accomplished by just giving points for
Handicaps and letting the player spend it where they want? 

>>>>>>My philosophy is to smooth out some of the problems that I've had
with the
>>>>>>TFT system. Yet I intend to preserve it's greatests strengths: very
>>>>>>character generation and an excellent combat system. I have no desire
>>>>>>intention to re-create GURPS. Steve Jackson does it better...

Don't get me wrong, I agree that TFT needs a re-write and some
modernization in certain areas. I'd just like to keep it as simple as

>>>>>>If you have an suggestions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to let

Anyway, just my opinion, please don't take offense. 

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