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Re: (TFT) New Character Generation System

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<< My philosophy is to smooth out some of the problems that I've had with the
 TFT system. Yet I intend to preserve it's greatests strengths: very fast
 character generation and an excellent combat system. I have no desire or
 intention to re-create GURPS. Steve Jackson does it better... >>

I've already printed out Ty's new character creation system and read through
it a couple times. I think it is fantastic. It retains the simplicity of the
original system yet
adds alot more detail.

The way attributes and talents are now purchased with the same group of points
gives players alot more control over there character concept. They could go a
heavy on the attributes at a cost in fewer talents/spells. Of course wizards
can go
the other route and get a few more spells.

The average player has 4 points for talents now instead of a number based on
But all talents have been refigured cost-wise balancing out the reduction. The
reduction was important
so the points wouldn't create attributes that are out of control if used for

I think the system is very good and deserves more than a glance.
Check it out if ya havn't.

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