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Re: (TFT) The Missing Attribute and introductions

>>>>>That article sounds kind of like what I'm looking for. I was designing
>>>>>system for TFT myself
>>>>>where there was 2 kinds of fatigue. Physical & Mental. Physical works
like it
>>>>>always did on anything except spells. I figured on Mental fatigue
being based
>>>>>on IQ, and it is
>>>>>used to power spells. All I was looking for was an alternitive to
>>>>>looking like Conan.
>>>>>Now I'm kind of new to TFT, so there could be some unbalancing aspect
to the
>>>>>that i'm overlooking. Anyone have any comments?

The basics of Thought-Powerd Spells is that for every IQ point not
allocated to any talents or spells is worth 1 fST (fatigue ST) point. Any
IQ point over the highest IQ point of any Talents or Spells is considered
to be 12 fST each (if you have 14 IQ points and the highest Talent/Spells
you have is IQ 12 then you have an extra 24 fST to spend on spells. There
were some other restrictions on what type of fST could be used for what
type of spells - mostly restricting IQ-based fST to use on everything
except Missles/Thrown spells (for game balance reasons). 

I've always liked this method as being the simplest 'fix', but I don't see
any particlar game balance problems with the way your splitting them up. 

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