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Re: (TFT) The Missing Attribute and introductions

>Your solution has the efect of increasing the avaialble ST to wizards for
>spellcasting. The only (potential) problem that I can see with this is that
>TFT has no limit in the amount of ST that a wizard can put in missile
>spells. So a 20-die fireball could be a reality.
>I've addressed that problem by limiting the ST that can be put into missile
>spells (4 ST). You can elaborate on that by letting wizards put more ST if
>they have a higher IQ, etc.

I have added a couple hundred new spells and I have at least one missile
spell per IQ level.  All most all of these have Maximums to the amount of 
fST that can be spent on the spell, of 5 or less.  (The basic missile spells
are the biggest exceptions.)  For spells with no max fST, a wizard can put
in 5 fST per turn (much like how GURPS handles it).  While a wizard is 
pumping up a really big missile spell, it is growing and sputtering very 
noticably in his hand, which says to every enemy within line of sight, "Kill 
him or power up the Reverse Missiles!!!!" If the wizard is knocked down 
while building up a big missile spell, it has a 1/2 chance of going off on him, 
otherwise it shoots off in a random direction as an un-aimed spell.

	These rules add a lot of drama, and go a long way towards
keeping wizards from solving every problem with a lightning spell.


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