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(TFT) lethality of TFT

I am planing on starting a Tarzan campaign using TFT  for the basic
rules and converting Space 1889 skills and weapons over. The one thing I
am concerned about is the lethality of the damage system for use in a
pulpish game. I think it works well for non-hero games, and I didn't
want to make the characters god like to offset the problem. I have seen
Ty's combat reflex stat and like that but I don't know if it is enough
for a pulp type game. I was thinking along the lines of for every 2
points over 13 in ST. and DX give the characters a natural defense that
subtracts damage done to them? I was also playing with the idea of
increasing or decreasing the amount of d6 that are rolled when trying to
accomplish a task. Just wondered what you guys thought?


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