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Re: (TFT) When to deduct for a thrown spell

> Don't forget that the wizard can still perform his own
> action on the following turn as well as attacking with the controlled
> figure, which is a huge advantage on its own.
> Looking at the spell description, you don't spend the extra fatigue to
> maintain the spell until the 2nd turn.  This means that Control spells
> behave just like Summon spells: summoned creatures cannot attack on the turn
> they are summoned either, so you also have to spend and extra fatigue to get
> any use out of them.

*Click!*  That's a 60-watt bulb going on over the head.

It makes a lot more sense to me now that it's compared to Summon spells.
If the animal has a lower DX than the average wizard (most don't, at least for
beginning characters), then there's a little extra bonus by getting an attack
(or other action) in on the same round as the spell is cast, otherwise,
it's the next turn before the controlled animal can do the wizard's bidding.

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