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(TFT) Talent Bonuses / Superscripts

Hi everyone,
	I was going to dash off a quick note, then realized the
only one who would understand it would be Michael so I will
try to explain more.

	A long time ago Michael and I exchanged letters and 
in one of them I explained a rougher form of the superscipts that
I described some letters ago.  He did not care for them.  After
that I sent him my list of greatly expanded talents.  In these I 
felt that we should have higher levels of skill for fighters, such
as Sword talent level 2, etc.  So most of the weapons and many
other talents for character classes (such as Thieves, Spies, 
Seamen and others) gain higher levels of talents for real heroes
(or at least smarter specialists).

	This of course exacerbated the longstanding problem
with TFT's ratio of abilities to memory, which made memory
superscipts even more important in my campaign.

	So when Michael says that spending ep to improve 
talents will do the same thing as the superscript rules do, 
it is right on the mark for improving skills in talents.

	Of course fatigue superscripts still give wizards (and
fighters if they want them) extra fST, and speed allows 
fast and inaccurate or slow and accurate species and characters
which the basic rules do not allow.

	I confess that the extra fST and memory drove the
superscript rules and for a long time I had troubles making
speed strong enough to be of near equal value.  But by making
anything that gives characters bonuses in the number of actions
each turn (such as firing a bow twice a turn) dependent upon
speed, (and I have several new talents that do this) it now is
holding its own a little better.

	As I said before, all of the long standing TFT 
campaigns I've seen have found some way to give wizards
more power and everyone more memory, (whatever it is called
and obviously people will be happiest with the systems they 
are most familliar with,  their campaign has addapted to, and 
which they themselves have thought up.

	Anyway Michael's comments to me should make
more sense to the rest of the list.  And for the reasons above
I disagree with them!



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