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Re: (TFT) Re: Mental abilities of controlled characters

	If the wizard did not have mace talent he
could attack at -4 DX like any other untrained
figure.  The shield would still protect him (tho he
would be at negatives if he was attacking while 
using it).  I checked the rules and they didn't say 
it  couldn't work this way.  Or am I missing 

	However, I agree I screwed up.  I was 
origionally going to say, the controlled person
could not use the intellectual talents (such as
Expert Civil Engineer), but I got bogged down in
trying to define what an intellectual talent was not.
Obviously Running wasn't, and Warrior and Vetran
aren't (are they?).  But what of Driving, Alertness 
or Diplomacy?
	However if you assume that the wizard is 
not good at controlling the body of the controlled 
person it could be rationalized so I went with the 
simpler rules.

	However I completely forgot about the
weapon talents!  I agree that a controlled fighter
should still be able to use his weapons.  But must
he be as skilled as when when HE was controlling
him?  (That last sentence could probably have 
been worded better...  :)

	Now we know that when a wizard takes
control of a summoned creature he can see thru its
eyes and there is a 2 way telepathic link (see 
paragraph 10 on page 4 of AW).  The rules also
say that the wizard 'takes over' the mind of the

	I tend to feel that the wizard should
either get to use all of the talents of the controlled 
figure or none of them.  However if you wanted 
to argue that the low IQ talents are kept (say IQ 8 
or less) that might be workable.

	I don't feel easy about the idea of 
controlling someone so you can suddenly write
his language.  Also if the other person's mind
is there for you to telepathically quiz, are you
able to find out all of that character's secrets? I've
always seen the Control Spells as a temporary
possession, which buries the subject's mind 
and memory (if successful and not so alarming
that the spell is resisted).  After all the subject 
only knows who tried to control him if the spell 
is resisted.  (Paragraph 10 again.) 

	If you assume the model is that you
are telepathicly linked and become allies in a 
body, then getting access to all of the subject's
skills and knowledge makes a lot more sense.

	What are other's peoples views on 


>     That won't work, and definately does not match the spell description.
>     What if the wizard doesn't know the ax/mace talent. or the shield 
>     Your method would mean the controlled fighter can no longer use the 
>weapon in his hand, or defend himeself with the shield on his arm.
>     That definately does not fit the description of the control spell in 
>Adv. Wizard.

>>	If the victim of the control spell had the Elven
>>language, running, and Bow 1 thru 3 talents, while
>>the wizard is controlling that figure none of those 
>>talents could be used.  I know that it could be argued
>>that the Running talent could be (all those muscles and
>>all), but I say that to keep things simple, the wizard
>>does not know them, so the controled figure doesn't.
>>On the other hand, the controlled figure can now 
>>speak Sorcerer's Tounge and knows advanced math,
>>and quarterstaff talent.
>>	Rick

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