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Re: (TFT) Masters of the Amulets

Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com> wrote:
> I'm curious, where are you getting the copies of Master of the Amulets that
> you are making game boxes for? 

I've only got one copy of Master of the Amulets.  I scanned it and used the
images to create the maps and tilesets.

I got it from Paul Biggart (PBiggart@aol.com), who seems to have any
number of games for sale or trade at any given time.  You might also
try Gator Games and Dragon's Trove ( http://www.gatorgames.com and
http://www.dragonstrove.com ) - I've had good luck with each of them.

Hmmm... in trying to get to both of those addresses, I had trouble.  The
Gator Games address connects, but no page comes up, and there's no such
domain found for dragonstrove.com!

I usually recommend against Earthsea ( http://www.earthsea.com/metagaming.html )
as they charge outrageous prices, but they seem to have copies of both MotA 
and OrbQuest that don't have the counters that are going for $2 each.  Perfect 
to get the rulebook and play with the CyberBoard gamebox!

I also note that they found somebody to pay $65 for a copy of Tollenkar's
Lair (condition is listed as EX, CQ.  What's CQ?) and $35 for a copy of
Security Station!  Whew!

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