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(TFT) Re: Druids

Hi Matt,
I think taking a druid is a cool idea. At 45 attributes you
won't be able to be a full druid. Amoungst your other skills a
druid in training is required to be studying Bard. It is perfectly
suitable for your druid to take Physicker, but you need not feel
you have to take it. There will be one Physicker in your 'Thon.

Unless you have strong feelings, you should worship
LLoeth who is described in my Religions in TFT essay. As a druid
you should use the rules in that suppliment. For the rest of you,
druids are a 'warrior' class that are allowed to buy their spells at
double memory cost instead of triple, with enviromental magics
being bought at normal memory.

Matt, I have never written up the revised druid spells,
(and my old rules are unsuitable) so pick which ever TFT spells
you would like, and I will tell you what the nearest druid spell will
be. Remember with druids that their 'thrown spell' like spells use
-1 DX / Mh range modifiers. You can take Thrown Spells Talent
at the normal cost, but you likely won't have the memory for it.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout
but I was thinking take a stab at writting up the character, and I
will give some suggestions when you have sent me a rough


>I'm going to be using this email address from now on for the PBEM game.
>My other address (matt@chem.queensu.ca) is still my primary address and is
>the fastest way to get a hold of me, but that system does not seem to like
>the AOL addresses. I'm going to ask the sys admin about fixing that, but
>in the meantime this will have to do.
>> The "leader" is probably going to a rather proficient bowman, with
>> high dex, and medium strength. I am not spending any more on "leader"
>> skills than necessary. I am just soooooo darn goodlooking that everybody
>> wants to follow my lead.
>> This may help others decide what they want. At least one "ranger"
>> would be nice.
>If I've been reading everyone correctly, I've got the following character
>Leader, bowman.
>Theif, some fighter skills
>Rick has strongly hinted that I take some priest type skills and it sounds
>like we need a ranger as well, so I think I'll be making a Druid type.
>I need to flesh out the character still, but I'll pick a bunch of outdoors
>type skills, at least Acolyte, and few appropriate weapons talents
>(probably Bow and some yet-to-be-named Peculiar Weapon). I'll skip the
>more scholarly talents so the character is still somewhat focused.
>Any particular Druidic/Warrior orders in the campaign Rick, or can I make
>up my own?

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