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Re: (TFT) Gurps Unplayable???

ed wrote:

> Now that the time has been reduced to a few hours on a weekday night,
> and often there's only the ONE set of rules, then I find that simple
> systems have won the day, hence why I end up running TFT now and again,
> though buying talents and spells can take time.

I agree. I've played TFT for more than a decade. I gave GURPS a spin and
found that while it had a whole lot of good innovations, it had a major
drawback. I'd spend an entire afternoon carefully crafting ONE character
(down to personality quirks and history) only to find that he'd wind up
quickly getting killed. This left me the choice of recycling the same stats
under a different name -- we all know how that feels, I think -- or spending
yet another afternoon creating character number two. In TFT, by comparison,
I could as both player and GM cook up characters and NPC in a few minutes
and be ready to play. TFT's rules themselves have a few holes, but the game
is really elegant in its simplicity


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