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Re: (TFT) Masters of the Amulets

>>>>>>Was there really a need to simplify TFT?
>>>>>>Not really.  

Actually yes and no. There wasn't *really* a need to simplify TFT, but the
rules were very badly organized and therefore very difficult to follow on
some of the specifics. I would love to see it at least reorganized and put
in one book.

But better yet, I would like to see TFT modernized and streamlined so
combat was smoother. 

>>>>>>Certainly AM/AW/ITL isn't
>>>>>>a terribly complex system when compared to AD&D, so why the

Again, it isn't a complicated system, but it sure reads that way. I could
definitely see why they would want a 'lighter' version. 

>>>>>>Wow - that would have been very nice to see.  If you can remember it,
>>>>>>if you don't think it's infringement, I'm sure we'd all love to get
this in
>>>>>>a bit more detail.

Definitely, I'd love to base a Microgame on it!

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