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Subject: Re: Metagaming?
Date: 12 Nov 1998 08:33:03 -0800
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Allen Eldridge  <allen229@airmail.net> wrote:
>> Did anyone ever actually find the unicorn?  If not, who do they owe it
>> to?  I think I have a pretty good idea where it is, myself, but don't
>> feel like trekking out to the location to dig around. :)
>I may not have all my facts straight (its been a lot of years), but
>IIRC, Metagaming released the game, and by the next weekend, someone had
>found the unicorn. This was bad news for Metagaming, as they still had
>thousands upon thousands of unsold copies of the game, and had to
>announce that the unicorn had been found.  I believe it was found in
>some state or national park in New Mexico.  I was not aware that the
>prize had not been paid until I read it on this newsgroup recently.

I was a playtester for Metagaming at the time and a college friend of
Steve Jackson and here are the facts as I recall them.

The Golden Dragon was found within ten days or so by a grad student
at the University of Texas at Austin. He convinced his spouse that he
knew where it was, scraped up the money for a bus ticket and headed out
to get it. It was located on the grounds of the solar observatory at
Sunspot, New Mexico. The observatory is in South-central New Mexico, in
the mountains overlooking White Sands. Howard was pretty POed that it
was found so quickly. (A nice touch by the discoverer - he took his shovel,
wrote "Eureka!" on it, put it in the hole where the dragon was buried
and filled the hole back in.)

I was taken aback when they released the Silver Unicorn game, given how
quickly the Dragon was found. It was much said to be harder. AFAIK, it
wasn't found. Anyone know _for sure_ anything to the contrary? Where
was it?

Last I heard, Howard was still working at his day job, something for the
State of Texas. Steve Jackson might know for sure. (www.publicdata.com
might have info on him, especially if you know his middle initial...)
Another approach would be to see if the corporation is still active and
send mail to the address that has been registered with the Secretary of
State in Texas.
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