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Re: (TFT) tidbit from rec.games.board

> From: echack@crl.crl.com (Edmund C. Hack)
> I was a playtester for Metagaming at the time and a college friend of
> Steve Jackson and here are the facts as I recall them.
> The Golden Dragon was found within ten days or so...
>                 .  .  .
> I was taken aback when they released the Silver Unicorn game,

Stickler for trivia detail that I am, I'll point out that these were
a silver dragon and gold unicorn.

> Last I heard, Howard was still working at his day job, something for the
> State of Texas. Steve Jackson might know for sure. 

Apparently he's unaware of what transpired after '82 and Howard's withdrawal
from the world as we know it.

> Another approach would be to see if the corporation is still active and
> send mail to the address that has been registered with the Secretary of
> State in Texas.

I would think that's been tried before, but sometimes the blindingly obvious
is what gets overlooked.  Can anyone here say they've actually done a
corporate search?

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