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Re: (TFT) stuff put out by "The Game Design Group."

The Maverick a écrit:
> Just so nobody gets confused and starts looking for a set of GRG games,
> Games Research Group didn't "put out" any of these...  they were all put
> out by Metagaming with credits in the rulebook attributed to GRG.

As I said in my Metagaming Index:

3. GAMES RESEARCH GROUP was the games design branch of Metagaming. The
two were separated by incorporation on Jan 1, 1982. Only four items were
released by GRG. 

Obvious it's 5, not 4.  I think at the time I originally wrote that, I
had not yet purchased a copy of SUPERTANK: HELLTANK DESTROYER.  I should
change it, but like everything else...


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