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(TFT) Okay, you can all thwop me now!

I would have agreed with you until I saw the "Armor, piece by piece"
article in Dragon #112 by Matt Bandy. Although written for AD&D it does a
remarkably good and SIMPLE (only 1.5 pages) job converting armor by the
'whole' into armor by the piece and back. Converting AD&D Armor Class is no
big deal as well (from Metamorphosing Monsters: Adapting D&D Creatures to
TFT by Steve Jackson from Space Gamer #56).

AC 9    HS 0
AC 8    HS 1
AC 7    HS 2
AC 5-6  HS 3
AC 4    HS 4
AC 3    HS 5
AC 2    HS 6


>>>>>>I'm not sure you *can* do a good piece armor system for this. The
big, BIG
>>>>>>problem is that (as TSR has been finding out for the past 25 years)
>>>>>>overall armor rating and individually armored zones just don't work

>>>>>>Okay, you can all thwop me now!
>>>>>>-- Jean
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