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Re: (TFT) stuff put out by "The Game Design Group."

The Maverick said:
>> Look at the boxes, there is nothing that says GRG on them!

C. Michel Boucher replied:
> When you suggest that it doesn't say anything about GRG, you're wrong.
> Copyright is granted to Games Research Group, Inc.  As I lost the boxes
> in one of many moves years ago, my only point of reference was to use
> the copyright information.

Being that you don't have the boxes, I'm not sure how you've determined
that I was wrong.  In any case, I am coming from the perspective of
having owned these games in new condition and also having reviewed every
issue of Interplay and the Space Gamer page by page for my Gamer's
Guide.  I have never come across any other source (catalogs, articles,
reviews, press releases, etc.) stating that GRG "released" anything.  

the Mav

P.S.  After checking my Gamer's Guide, I located a pertinent news blurb
in Metagaming's Interplay magazine issue 6 at page 32.  Metagaming
Concepts was to handle all "publishing, marketing, sales and
distribution."  GRG was to handle "product development and licensing."

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