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Re: (TFT) stuff put out by "The Game Design Group."

Michel, I'm not "itching for a semantic debate" (for a change!)

However, when you state something is "released" by GRG, people are going
to be looking for GRG catalogs, games, etc.  And they aren't out there!

If someone posted a "wanted" request online for "such and such game" by
GRG, probably the only replies they would get would be "never heard of
that one, but Metagaming did a game by that name."  ;-)

Look at the boxes, there is nothing that says GRG on them!  They are
METAGAMING games, released by Metagaming and credited to GRG in the
rules.  They were not released by GRG.  Simple enough. 

Now I'm going to go eat a pizza...  ;-)

the Mav

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