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Re: (TFT) stuff put out by "The Game Design Group."

The Maverick a écrit:

> > 3. GAMES RESEARCH GROUP was the games design branch of Metagaming. The
> > two were separated by incorporation on Jan 1, 1982. Only four items were
> > released by GRG.
> Since GRG never "released" anything, you might want to state that they
> "designed" five items...  Seeya!

Ok, I can see you're itching for a semantic debate, so I'll toss this
analogy into the ring.  When you order a pizza from Pizza Hut, do you
say to people: I've ordered a pizza from Pepsico Restaurant Services
Group through their franchise of Pizza Hut to Joe Blow Enterprises Ltd.
situated within the confines of the City of Redolencia (or whatever)
hereinafter referred to as Pizza Hut (PRSG/JBEL), respondent of the
first part?  Do you even think that?  I doubt it.  

I'll argue simply that if Metagaming put the GRG label on it, they
intended to have people associate the item with GRG, a separate division
of Metagaming, and not with Metagaming. Just to add fuel to the already
lambent fire, you'll notice that no game released in 1982 bears the
label of Metagaming.  It's fairly obvious that Metagaming had decided to
release games under the GRG label.  Therefore saying that it was
released by GRG and not by Metagaming is like saying that your pizza was
cooked by Pizza Hut and not by Pepsico Restaurant Services Group; it's
being simple, and not terribly inaccurate.  Maybe Guy (McLimore) was
around then and can say yea or nay on this :-)


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