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Re: (TFT) stuff put out by "The Game Design Group."

The Maverick a écrit:

> Michel, I'm not "itching for a semantic debate" (for a change!)
> However, when you state something is "released" by GRG, people are going
> to be looking for GRG catalogs, games, etc.  And they aren't out there!

In the ten years that that list has been "out there" on the Internet and
BitNet, never, not even once, has anybody approached me and asked for a
catalogue of GRG stuff.  In fact, if they were to ask, I would refer
them to the Metagaming Index, which is the COMPLETE index, and includes
the games by GRG.  

So you're wrong on both points: there are catalogue entries and no one
is looking for a GRG catalogue :-)

When you suggest that it doesn't say anything about GRG, you're wrong. 
Copyright is granted to Games Research Group, Inc.  As I lost the boxes
in one of many moves years ago, my only point of reference was to use
the copyright information.  This is what I've done in almost every case
(I think I made an exception for Ogre/GEV because of the two distinct

However, I will change it, when I get around to it, for the sake of
peace (you can tell I've been married a long time ;-)).


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