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Re: (TFT) Okay, you can all thwop me now!

In a message dated 98-11-14 21:58:01 EST, you write:

<< (from Metamorphosing Monsters: Adapting D&D Creatures to=
 TFT by Steve Jackson from Space Gamer #56).
 AC 9    HS 0
 AC 8    HS 1
 AC 7    HS 2
 AC 5-6  HS 3
 AC 4    HS 4
 AC 3    HS 5
 AC 2    HS 6 >>

I have already used the above to convert many AD&D creatures and it seems to
work very well. I did want to point out the the AC conversion above is only
for Basic D&D. In basic No armor is AC 9, in advanced it's AC 10. Its not hard
to do the changes.

AC 10    HS 0
AC 9      HS 1
AC 8      HS 2
AC 7      HS 3
AC 6      HS 3 (Studded Leather)
AC 5      HS 3 (From here down they don't change)
AC 4      HS 4
AC 3      HS 5
AC 2      HS 6

The only other part of the conversion that dosn't feel right is The ST of man-
sized creatures that have a lot of Hit Dice. For example when I converted a
Death Knight it
ended up with a ST of 60. Looking at other TFT  "Monsters" it seemed really
What I did was take the final result and create a chart based on size that
gave a modifier. The final result of my conversion was a ST 28.
Gigantic creatures are unchanged. The final result is a gigantic 14 hit die
creature will have more ST than a man-sized 14 hit die creature.
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