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Re: (TFT) Steve Jackson (the Brit).....

>>>>>>Well...my bookstore has quite a few titles up to #20, but nothing
>>>>>>beyond that.  A couple of ideas come to mind though:

>>>>>>1)  Have you tried using a booksearch service?  (not an online 
>>>>>>one - an actual one.  
Actually I have, all to nothing. You try explaining
'choose-your-own-adventure' to a retailer sometime! 

>>>>>>2)  Perhaps an internet company like Amazon dot com would be 
>>>>>>able to help you find them.  As these titles are probably out 
>>>>>>of print, I think this is an unlikely method.
That's a good idea - I didn't think of this one! 

>>>>>>3)  You might write to Del Rey (that's who I think the US 
>>>>>>publisher was) - they might be able to steer you in the right
>>>>>>direction as well.

Well, they're the ones that directed me towards Penquin in England. They
said they were the only ones who might know what I wanted! (Penquin is
actually the same company).

>>>>>>BlackSand sounds familiar.  Didnt that show up in an earlier
>>>>>>book, "Citadel of Chaos" or "City of Thieves" perchance?

Yes it did - and it got expanded into a full city-module (still paperback
format). What's nice is that it's a really good fantasy world (for some
reason the English seem to be better at that), it's a world the players
have never heard of, so everything's a surprise, and it's pretty compatible
with TFT.

Thanks again.

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