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Re: (TFT) Steve Jackson (the Brit).....

Well...my bookstore has quite a few titles up to #20, but nothing
beyond that.  A couple of ideas come to mind though:

1)  Have you tried using a booksearch service?  (not an online 
one - an actual one.  You might have to wind up paying a higher
price for the books, but it might be worth it to you.  To find
a used book service, as the manager of your local used/unused
bookstores.  They can probably point you in the right direction.

2)  Perhaps an internet company like Amazon dot com would be 
able to help you find them.  As these titles are probably out 
of print, I think this is an unlikely method.

3)  You might write to Del Rey (that's who I think the US 
publisher was) - they might be able to steer you in the right
direction as well.

>Of course! I've actually managed to get some of the British 
>editions as well, but anything in #21-40 range would be great! 
>If you ever get a chance to find "Titan" (word book), 
>"Blacksand" (Lankhmar type city) or "Out of the Pit" (monster 
>book) those are also great! (and very TFT-compatible). =

BlackSand sounds familiar.  Didnt that show up in an earlier
book, "Citadel of Chaos" or "City of Thieves" perchance?


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