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Re: (TFT) Steve Jackson (the Brit).....

The "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" was a completely different
series - There was no combat, just choices you could make.

Have you checked out the "Lone Wolf" series?  Again, another
"Fighting Fantasy" type of programmed adventure which would
seem to be TFT compatible as well.

>>1)  Have you tried using a booksearch service?  (not an online
>>one - an actual one.
>Actually I have, all to nothing. You try explaining
>'choose-your-own-adventure' to a retailer sometime!

In my experience, booksearch services work better if you 
can give them an actual title rather than a series number
(such as "Fighting Fantasy #21."

You can probably get in touch with Ian Livingstone through
Eidos, the computer company that released "Deathtrap Dungeon."
I understand that he worked with them to produce that game.


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