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(TFT) [A] Further up the creek...

The swamp adventure continues...

Player numbers have been highly variable since the last report. Briefly
we were up to six, then back down to two and a half, then two new
players joined in and we spent that session making new characters and
fitting them into the adventure. (They didn't want to use any of the
player-less characters allready in the adventure so we now have two
extra thieves, one human, one halfling.) Then last week the two new lads
sent apologies and we were back down to two plus me! :o)

Anyways, The party (such as it is) has finally found the entrance to the
dungeon! They have spent the last couple of weeks wading through knee
deep mud and water along damp clay tunnels (in a marsh remember).
Highlights include Obsidious hacking his way through half a dozen
Troglodyte guards, Lissar Hiss going to investigate a source of foul
smelling gas with a lit torch! (Boom!) Obsidious hacking his way through
half a dozen zombie's, Obsidious hacking his way through a Zombie
powered water pump. 

Also two plaintive voices calling out "Have they found us yet?", "Can my
new character join in yet?","Will the NPC lend my thief his weapons and
armour?", etc. And Obsidious hacking his way through an obvious trapped
chest. Two thieves in chorus: "It's a trap! it's a trap!"
Obsidious: "Ha! I'm made of stone, what can it do to me?". 
The roof fell in....

... and most of it landed on Lissar Hiss! 
Honestly I do not pick on Lissar, really I don't. Lissar Hiss has had
more critical fumbles and failed saves than the rest of the party put
together. I swear he is a misfortune magnet. This may in part be due to
LH rushing in where Angels fear to tread. I suspect they use him as a
coal-mine canary! In his favour, he does keep things moving along, often
in the wrong direction :o)

They are getting towards the end of the adventure. I just hope we can
keep up reasonable player numbers, They will be needed for the final
showdown sometime soon...

I am curious about the PBEM games various folk are running. How do you
handle the combat turns? Isn't it rather slow if you are waiting for
replies from several players for each round?

Chris Nicole	
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