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(TFT) TFT Collectors List

I've been meaning to do this for a while - hope this doesn't trash anyone's
mail box. Thanks to the other contributers for inspiring me to finish this!

PLEASE let me know if I've missed anything (and sell it to me!) :D


>>>>>>I've played TFT since 1978 (haven't we all?) and have finally got the
>>>>>>time to create a TFT website. It will be up in a week or so and I
>>>>>>actively solicit your submissions, articles, etc. Anything related to
>>>>>>TFT will be posted. Thanks.
>>>>>>--Ty Beard, Esq.

TFT Collectors List

Shannon Appel (appel@erzo.org) for Different World Index
Howard Kistler (hexidec@nf-vb.mindspring.com) for Space Gamers
Chris Nicole (chris@loran.karoo.co.uk) for Space Gamers
Michael Taylor (michaeltaylor1@compuserve.com) for everything else

  Background, Player Characters:
    Coming of Age in Cidri. Pre-adventuring experience
    in The Fantasy Trip. by Harry White                 #5      pg 30

  Background, Horseclans:
    The Horseclans Player, by Ronald Pehr               #17     pg 18-19
    Mythological Monsters for TFT, by Ronald Pehr.
    Stats for the Harpy, The Mummy, Lamia, Chimera
    and Gorgon.                                         #16     pg 12-13
  Rules, Misc:
    A Modest Proposal for TFT, by David Dunham          #15     pg 27
  Rules, Character Creation:
    The Horseclans Player, by Ronald Pehr               #17     pg 18-19
    Advanced Melee                                      #8      pg 46
    Advanced Wizard                                     #8      pg 46
    The Forest Lords of Dihad                           #30     pg 31
    In the Labyrinth                                    #7      pg 27
    The Warrior Lords of Darok                          #30     pg 31
  Races, Misc:
    Winged Humanoids, by Jane and Morgan Woodward       #28     pg 8-11

    Playing the Numbers                                 #41     pg 9
    Dueling Dragons in TFT                              #41     pg 13
    Firearms in TFT                                     #41     pg 15
    Experience in Melee                                 #41     pg 11
    Some Spells for the Very Smart Sorcerer             #V4#6?  pg 18

    Encounter Card by Howard Trump                      #1      pg 3
    Encounter Card by Howard Trump                      #2      pg 7-8
    Encounter Card by Howard Trump                      #3      pg 2
    Rapier to Rapier: Fencing in The Fantasy Trip, by
    Joe Kaul and Lester W. Smith                        #1      pg 4-6
    In the Thorsz's Service: Ground Zero by Howard
    Trump                                               #1      pg 7-15
    Troll's Lair, A TFT Solo Adventure, by Van Campbell #2      pg 9-13
    In the Thorsz's Service: Knight's Tour by Howard
    Trump                                               #3      pg 10-15
    In the Thorsz's Service: Tree of Life by Howard
    Trump                                               #4      pg 7-13
    Tin Soldier by ?                                    #7      pg 12-48
    Venture Capitol: A TFT Arena Combat Scenario by
    Howard Trump                                        #8      pg 33-43
    Making Solitare Adventures by Howard Trump          #9      pg 17-24
    Articles on The Fantasy Trip by Jeff Mirando        #10     pg 32
    More uses for Experience in TFT by Rick Smith       #7      pg 9-11
  Treasure and Equipment:
    Paper Wealth, Supplmentary Treasure Tables for
    Dungeon Stocking by Howard Trump                    #2      pg 3-6
    Bazaar Item: Squib by Howard Trump                  #2      pg 2
    Armor, Weapon, and Spell Expansions, by
    Perin D. Tong                                       #3      pg 3-8
    Bazaar Item: Megaphone by Howard Trump              #3      pg 9
    Bazaar Item: Bolster by Howard Trump                #4      pg 2
    The Temple of the Tesseract: A Mnoren Artifact      #4      pg 3-5
    Armor and Sheild by Howard Trump                    #10     pg 33-35
    Tales of Paegantancia, by Perrin D. Tong            #4      pg 6
    The Creation of Barsoomian Characters by Van
    Campbell                                            #7      pg 3-8
    Barsoom, Part II: Origin of Animal Life and Further
    Descriptions of Animal and Plant Life, by
    Von Campbell                                        #8      pg 3-15
    Warlord of Mars by Von Campbell                     #10     pg 12-31
  Spells and Magic:
    Armor, Weapon, and Spell Expansions, by
    Perin D. Tong                                       #3      pg 3-8
    Thought-Powered Spells by Howard Trump              #8      pg 16-18
    Acid Ice Flows, Their Ecologies, and Other
    Strangeness by Rick Smith                           #8      pg 19-32
    Glyphs in TFT by Rick Smith                         #10     pg 3-11
    Acid Ice Flows, Their Ecologies, and Other
    Strangeness by Rick Smith                           #8      pg 19-32
    Savage Creatures of Barsoom by Von Campbell         #9      pg 3-11
    Chimeras in TFT by Rick Smith                       #9      pg 12-16
    In The King's Service (with Gaming Notes) by
    David Brannan                                       #9      pg 26-46
    New Talents by Craig Bowyer                         #10     pg 36-42

<<< WHAT HAPPEND TO 5-6?!?!?! >>>

    Interview: A gamemaster interviews Silivias;
    Cutpurse Extraordinaire by Rick Smith               #1      pg 2-3
    Interview: Rick interviews Askkathal, Dragon of
    Terror by Rick Smith                                #2      pg 1-8
    The Role of Religion in Gamibng, by Glenn Spencer   #2      pg 9-10
    More uses for Experience in TFT by Rick Smith       #2      pg 20-22
    Horror in TFT by Rick Smith                         #2      pg 28-32
    The Wizards Chest by Rick Smith                     #1      pg 3-8
    Metamorphing the Shape Shift spell by Rick Smith    #1      pg 8
    Gaining Wishes in TFT, by Rick Smith                #2      pg 19
    Wizard's Chest by Rick Smith                        #2      pg 23-27
    Druids Corner by Rick Smith                         #1      pg 8-10
    Druids Corner: Trolls by Rick Smith                 #2      pg 12-18
    Two Page Dragon by Rick Smith                       #2      pg 33-34
    Rules Addendum: Armor Protection vs. Nuisance
    Creatures by Rick Smith                             #1      pg 10
    Pinning in TFT, by Rick Smith                       #2      pg 11
  Microquests and Adventures:
    Advneutre by Rick Smith                             #1      pg 10-12

  Letter of Comment                                     #2      pg 5-9
  The Demonic Attorny #1                                #2      pg 10-11
  The TFT Gazetteer #1                                  #2      pg 12-20
  Rick's LoC of GTUFTAPA (GK#1)                         #2      pg 21-23
  Dying in TFT by Steve Perott & Rick Smith             #2      pg 24-29
  Standard Equipment by Rick Smith & Erol K. Bayburt    #2      pg 30
  The Longsword in TFT by Rick Smith                    #2      pg 31

  In The Thorsz's Service: Double Duty by Howard
  Trump                                                 #2.5    pg 2-25
  The Parrott Page by Steve Parrott                     #2.5    pg 26
  The Lost Wells of Mars                                #2.5    pg 27-31

  The Town Crier (Letters demanding more TFT)           #1      pg 12
  The Caves of the Goblin Lord by Dan Goodsell          #6      pg 27-28
  Metagaming's: The Fantasy Trip A Review and
  Commentary by Robert C. Kirk                          #10     pg 73-75
  Physicker Revival for The Fantasy Trip by
  Donald D. Rollins                                     #12     pg 77
  Crypt of the Living Dead by David Tibor               #11     pg 27-30
  A Dual Purpose Program for Melee/The Fantasy Trip
  by George R. Paczolt (Character Generation in Basic)  #8      pg 67-70

  The Lost Lair by Paul Jaquays                         #11     pg 55-60
  The Oldcastle Inn, A mini-dungeon for The Fantasy
  Trip or AD&D by Mark Watson #18                       #18     pg 43-50
  In the Tesseract by Donald L. Spidell                 #25     pg 47-51
  Monster Matrix by Brian Wagner (Swamp Apges,
  Laser Wolf, Fog Demon)                                #17     pg 32-33


Mailing Cover: IQ 6 Talents for The Fantasy Trip by Michael E. Iacca

TSG 15:
- Wizard: Designer's Notes
- Orcs and Their Weapons

TSG 16:
- Harmonious Fists in Melee

TSG 17:
- Adjusted Orc Rules (follows from article in #15)

The Deryni - TSG #21, Ronald Pehr. "The Fantasy Trip meets Katherine Kurtz"
Psionic demi-humans, TFT gaming notes.

Know Thyself - TSG #23, Brian McCue. "A personal evaluation system for ITL"
Turn players into characters.

Attributes of the Deryni - TSG #23, Neill E. Frzzell. "More on the Deryni"
Gaming notes to follow up TSG #21.

Vikings in Melee - TSG #23, Ronald Pehr. "Fitting Norsemen into TFT"
setup for MELEE, Vikings and Saxons.

The Valde - TSG #23, Ronald Pehr. "More Characters for TFT" Empathic
demi-human Amazons, MELEE /WIZARD gaming notes.

Ships and Swords  Naval Melee - TSG #24, Glenn L. Williams. "Official" TFT
article approved by Steve Jackson. Rules, Gaming notes & scenarios.

TSG 27:
- Weapons for Hobbits
- Adding Muskets to Melee

TSG 28:
- New race: Overmen

TSG 29:
- TFT: Designer's Notes & Errata
- Fantasy fiction with TFT adaptation

Index to Game Articles - TSG #30 A guide to all game articles in TSG issues

Game Master - TSG #33 Lots of questions on TFT this month.

The Alien - TSG #37, Andrew Elovich and Forrest Johnson "For sadistic DM's:
the Alien for D&D, TFT and Traveller. Based on the creature from the first
Alien film.

The Lords of UnderEarth - TSG #38, Keith Gross "Designers notes for
Metagaming's new Microgame"

Magic Contest Results - TSG #39, Several usefull new spells, potions and

Simple Traps - TSG #39, Lewis Pulsipher Seven trap outlines for frp

Remedial Roleplaying - TSG #47, Aaron allston and Ronald Pehr "Getting more
out of roleplaying than just bashing monsters" (Generic FRP)

Kimberani?s Tomb - TSG#47, David Ladyman 4th Level D&D tournament tomb
adventure. (Convertable to TFT)

TSG 49:
- Two new TFT character classes (Note: These are "loophole" classes as
opposed to real-life classes)

Cumulative Game Index - TSG #50 "A guide to every game-related article from
TSG's 15-49"

Naked Elf Women - TSG #50, Dennis Loubet "Our Art director unleashes his
second favourite fantasy"

Handicapped Characters in TFT - TSG #51, Forrest Johnson. "They're less
perfect, but they have their good points" Handicaps and character
disadvantages, exchange for extra starting attribute points.

Minor Institutions of Cidri - TSG #52, Forest Johnson. "The between-game
of solitaire TFT characters" Mercenary Wills, the Apprentice Exchange,
Jailhouse Blues.

Murphys Rules - TSG #53 (page 40). West Side Melee.

Magic Backlash in TFT - TSG #54, Richard A. Edwards. Fumble rules for

Megahexes - TSG #54 Bob Hansle Creating durable play aids for FRP

Advanced Campaigning: Fantasy - TSG #55 Aaron Allston "Improving your FRP

Metamorphosing Monsters - TSG #56, Steve Jackson. "Adapting D & D creatures

More Handicaps in TFT - TSG #57 - Ralph Sizer. "Another load of character
disabilities" Followup to article in #51

Character backgrounds for FRP - TSG #60, Ronald Pehr. "Easy histories and
abilities for FRP characters." Generic but very usefull for TFT

Starleader: Assault! - TSG #61, William A. Barton Featured Review

Economics in TFT - TSG #61, Ronald Pehr. "New jobs and money for the TFT

The haunting of Harkwood - TSG #63, Aaron Aliston, Medieval generic/TFT
adventure - Something nasty in the woods.

Superheroes in TFT - TSG #65, Ronald Pehr. New rules, skills & powers for
in modern settings.

Converting TFT Characters to T&T - TSG #71, Tom Riley

Man to Man - TSG #76, Steve Jackson Designers notes for GURPS Melee rules
includes "Comparing MTM with TFT"

Fantasy Trip Talents: Expanded and Abbreviated - TSGII #2, Lawrence Person
Talent Abbreviation/acronyms for TFT +  New talents.

TFT gaming notes for Vampire Trap - Fantasy Gamer #4, Steve Jackson Djinns
spirit binding spells

The Solimar Quest - FG #4, Bill Jackson, W.G. Armintrout, Scott Haring High
Level TFT/Generic FRP Tournament adventure

Lost Inheritance - FG#6, David Dunham Extra-dimensional generic FRP

(For those of you not familiar with Interplay magazine, it was Metagaming's
house organ. Ran for 8 issues.)

IP 1:
- Vagabond Thief Microadventure
- Advanced Wizard: More Spells
- More Creation Gems for TFT
- Lords Of Underearth: Designer's Notes
- Crossroads: Cidri (a running series of TFT notes)
- Fictionalisation of the finding of the Silver Dragon


Unofficial TFT Variant by Dave Burnett (page 6-7)
Crossroards: Cidri by Guy W. McLimore, Jr. (page 8-10)
Spells by Ian Bell (page 10-12)
TFT: Wild West by Fred Askew (page 13-15)
Lords of Undereatch


A Dragon of a Different Color by Ron Hopkins (page 10)
The Vampyre by John Sullivan (page 12)
TFT: Questions & Answers by Ron Hopkins (page 15)

IP 4:
- Expanded Priest Class
- TFT Spaceship Variant
- Crossroads: Cidri

IP 5:
- Physicker Revival Technique
- Iron Fist Technique
- Improved Summoning System
- Winter On Cidri (winter gaming rules)

IP 6:
- TFT Hymenopteran adventue module
- Turkey Quest Microadventure (somewhat playable >:) )
- Advanced Wizard: More Spells
- Master Of Amulets errata

IP 7:
- Interrogation Technique
- Pole Weapons
- Daggers & Gambling
- Crossroads: Cidri
- ITL update notes

IP 8:
- Empaths
- Risque Talents
- Magic for Fighters
- Travelling Armourer
- Combating Pole Weapons
- Master Of Amulets: Designer's Intro
- Orb Quest: Designer's Intro
- Dragons of Underearth: Designer's Intro

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