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(TFT) Healing Potions

Party members have a tendancy to get hurt while adventuring. I needed a
faster means of healing than the natural 1St per 2 days in ITL, to avoid
having to put adventures on hold for a couple of weeks while the party
healed. I particularly wanted to avoid having the CLW situation in AD&D
where clerics are just used for topping up hit points.

Magic healing potions are relatively common in my scenarios. They can be
produced by an alchemist just as if they were TFT healing potions, also
they are often found in loot or lent/sold/gifted by party patrons.

The ones I use work like this:
a.      The character has to make a 3D risk roll when drinking the
potion. On a critical success score (3, 4, 5) the potion may heal extra
damage or act faster. On a fail roll (16, 17, 18) the potion does not
work and may cause additional harm. e.g.:

Roll    Effect
3       The potion heals 2D ST *
4       The potion heals 1D+2 ST *
5       The potion heals 1D+1 ST *
6-15    The potion works normally.

16      The potion fails, the character just gets a foul taste in their 
17      The character is comatose for 1D6 hours but doesn't heal any ST.
18      Poison! the potion causes 1D6 ST. **
*       I leave it upto the GM if it also takes the extra hours
**      I wouldn't normally let a failed potion roll kill a character.
shouldn't reduce their ST below 1 and they would recover the poison
damage at 1ST per hour rest.

b.      If the potion works it heals 1D6 St, but the character is
comatose for as many hours as the potion heals St points. 
i.e. Roll a 3 on 1D6; the character is out for 3 hours and heals 3 St
when they awaken. If you wanted to randomise it more, you could roll 1D6
for their hours unconscious and then roll 1D6 when they awaken for their
ST healed.

The character is unconscious, they cannot be wakened and can do nothing
except breathe slowly while healing, they would have to be carried
or left to rest until the potion wears off.

The delay in healing is a game mechanism to prevent characters swigging
down a potion and leaping straight back into the fight (as in some other
game :o)

You could change the risk numbers for different potions i.e. a well made
potion might have reduced chance of ill effects e.g. 17, 18. An
inexpertly made potion, or a cheap potion might have more chance of not
working, e.g.

14-16 	the potion doesn't work, 
17 	it knocks you out but doesn't heal, 
18	mild poison!

If a character tried taking more than one potion, or if they take one
potion straight after another; then there should be more chance of an
extreme result.
e.g. make the risk roll on 2D; 2,3 = good, 11,12 = bad. Be inventive and
fit the results to the situation. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I
expect someone will attempt it.

If a character tries "I'll just take half the potion", roll for risk as
usual. If it works they recover 1/2 D6 ST rounded down in 1/2D 6 hours
rounded up. Beware of the player who keeps on taking just half a potion
from the same bottle. One of my players managed to get 3 or 4 half
potions from one bottle before I realised what he was doing! :o)

Chris Nicole	
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