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Re: (TFT) "Duel" aka "Paradigm Shift"

>>>>>Philip Wiles at PAW@merichem.com on 11/25/98 9:59 AM said:
>>I picked up Crunchy Frog's "Duel" on the cheap recently.  Has anyone 
>>played it or have any opinions on how it stacks up to TFT.  I've only 
>>briefly thumbed through it and noticed some similarities (e.g. 3 main 
>>attributes, etc.)
>Yes - as matter of fact, I thought it was the most TFT-like game I'd seen
>since TFT. I talked to the publisher for a long-time about doing a second
>edition, much more deluxe. I was even willing to put up alot of my own
>money to do a better job. For some reason he went with the ultra-messy Greg
>P.'s Paradigm Shift - PISS for short. 
>I thought the Paradigm Shift stuff was TERRIBLE!! Takes away all the
>simplicity of DUEL and replaces it with nothing but a complicated
>number-heavy mess. A sad waste. I even contacted Ronald Pehr about writing
>for it, because of it's similarity with TFT. I'd be surprised if anything
>ever came of it. I thought Duel had a lot of potential, but for some reason
>Paul L. couldn't ever see it. It thought it wouldn't been almost a complete
>piece when combined with his very well done Digital Empires
>miniatures/vehicle combat system.

I'm guessing Paul wasn't interested because Duel did so poorly.  His 
interest in most of his own stuff waned when he picked up the Renegade 
Legion license (not that I ever saw him do anything with it).  As for 
being like TFT, I thought Duel took the simplicity aspect *way* too far.  
It was a decent system for one-shots where you make the charaters the 
same night you play the adventure, and then end it there, but it didn't 
hold any real meat for my tastes.  Well, some of the elements taken from 
the Hero System concepts were good, but I credit Ray with all of those.

--Andrew M.
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