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Re: (TFT) "Duel" aka "Paradigm Shift"

>>>>>>>Philip Wiles at PAW@merichem.com on 11/25/98 9:59 AM said:
>I picked up Crunchy Frog's "Duel" on the cheap recently.  Has anyone 
>played it or have any opinions on how it stacks up to TFT.  I've only 
>briefly thumbed through it and noticed some similarities (e.g. 3 main 
>attributes, etc.)

Yes - as matter of fact, I thought it was the most TFT-like game I'd seen
since TFT. I talked to the publisher for a long-time about doing a second
edition, much more deluxe. I was even willing to put up alot of my own
money to do a better job. For some reason he went with the ultra-messy Greg
P.'s Paradigm Shift - PISS for short. 

I thought the Paradigm Shift stuff was TERRIBLE!! Takes away all the
simplicity of DUEL and replaces it with nothing but a complicated
number-heavy mess. A sad waste. I even contacted Ronald Pehr about writing
for it, because of it's similarity with TFT. I'd be surprised if anything
ever came of it. I thought Duel had a lot of potential, but for some reason
Paul L. couldn't ever see it. It thought it wouldn't been almost a complete
piece when combined with his very well done Digital Empires
miniatures/vehicle combat system.


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