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Re: (TFT) "Duel" aka "Paradigm Shift"

Philip Wiles at PAW@merichem.com on 11/25/98 9:59 AM said:

>I picked up Crunchy Frog's "Duel" on the cheap recently.  Has anyone 
>played it or have any opinions on how it stacks up to TFT.  I've only 
>briefly thumbed through it and noticed some similarities (e.g. 3 main 
>attributes, etc.)

You may want to take a look at the revised "Duel", now known as "Paradigm 
Shift", which should be available as an electronic file from them. PS was 
reworked by MicroTactix Games' own Greg Poehlein (designer of the 
PlainLabel Role Playing System, too, giving him two universal systems on 
the market). I believe Paul Lidberg at Crunchy Frog is planning some 
expansion material for it soon. (Greg also did a superhero expansion 
which is truly a hoot -- puts superheroes in a lot of periods and genres 
that you don't normally find them...)

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MicroTactix Games
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