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Re: (TFT) "Duel" aka "Paradigm Shift"

>>> Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com> said >>>

>I thought the Paradigm Shift stuff was TERRIBLE!! Takes away all the
>simplicity of DUEL and replaces it with nothing but a complicated
>number-heavy mess. A sad waste. 

I actually quite liked Paradigm Shift. A little more number-heavy than TFT, but nowhere near as intensive as GURPS. The writing is good, especially as an introduction to the genre, and the d20 mechanic is a definite improvement over Duel's d5. It also preserves Duel's flexibile magic system. My primary criticism is that it should never have been cast as a meta-system. All the examples are fantasy, most of the skills are fantasy. If they had kept it fantasy, they could have dropped 10 pages and had a much cleaner, more accessible product.

Interestingly, I downloaded Paradigm Shift before I was familiar with TFT/GURPS. Now that I read it again, the influences are fairly clear. I did a quick check on Crunchy Frog's website and the file isn't available for download anymore. I guess they removed it while the game is being updated.


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