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Re: (TFT) "Duel" aka "Paradigm Shift"

Simon Lee at Simon@nbi.org.za on 11/26/98 11:54 PM said:

>I actually quite liked Paradigm Shift. A little more number-heavy than 
>TFT, but nowhere near as intensive as GURPS. The writing is good, 
>especially as an introduction to the genre, and the d20 mechanic is a 
>definite improvement over Duel's d5. It also preserves Duel's flexibile 
>magic system. My primary criticism is that it should never have been cast 
>as a meta-system. All the examples are fantasy, most of the skills are 
>fantasy. If they had kept it fantasy, they could have dropped 10 pages and 
>had a much cleaner, more accessible product.

I believe Paul wanted to keep the initial product focused more on fantasy 
(as we are doing with COMPACT WARRIOR, the core COMPACT COMBAT book) 
because the milieu is so familiar. Greg's first project for DUEL was Duel 
Heroes, a superhero variant that was held back because (based on his work 
on Duel Heroes) Paul decided to ask Greg to redo the system as Paradigm 
Shift. That project will eventually come out as a Paradigm Shift product, 
I expect, as will a number of other "universes" for Paradigm Shift.

>Interestingly, I downloaded Paradigm Shift before I was familiar with 
>TFT/GURPS. Now that I read it again, the influences are fairly clear. I 
>did a quick check on Crunchy Frog's website and the file isn't available 
>for download anymore. I guess they removed it while the game is being 

I believe that Paul is preparing the commerical version of Paradigm 
Shift, and this may be why the downloadable version is not available at 
this time.

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