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(TFT) Carrion Crawler

This is a write up of the conversion I did from AD&D to TFT of the
carrion crawler for my Up the Creek adventure.

Carrion Crawler:        St 40; Dx 9; IQ 4; MA 12;       
Skin stops 3 hits.      8 paralysing tentacles!

The carrion crawler looks like a huge green caterpillar with a ring of 2
foot long tentacles around its mouth. The Crawler is 4 hex's long,  it
can only attack characters in its front hex's unless it is in HTH with
more than one character. 
Paralysing Tentacles; Roll 8D6; For each dice;
        Unarmoured characters are hit on a 1, 2 or 3,
        Leather, cloth or 'natural' armour e.g. Gargoyle skin,  hit on a
1 or 2
        Mail or better armour are hit on a 1.

The character must save vs ST at the number of Die they are hit for. 
e.g. if a character is hit by 4 tentacles they must make a 4D save vs ST
to resist the effects of the sting. 

If they fail to save they are overcome by nerve toxin, lose all control
of their body and fall over. They will be unable to do anything for 1D6
rounds for each tentacle they were struck by. 

If you want to make it really mean you can make the saves cumulative 
e.g. If they are struck 3 times in the first round and twice in the
second round they must save at 5DvsST!

Have fun,
Chris Nicole	
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