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Re: (TFT) Carrion Crawler

>Chis. This is a write up of the conversion I did from AD&D to TFT of the
>carrion crawler for my Up the Creek adventure.
>ST 40           MA 12
>DX 9            Size Multi-hex (4-hex)
>IQ 4            HS 3
>Attacks 8 paralysing tentacles! The Crawler is 4 hex's long,  it can 
>only attack characters in its front hex's unless it is in HTH with 
>more than one character. =
>Paralysing Tentacles; Roll 8D6; For each dice;
>        Unarmoured characters are hit on a 1, 2 or 3,
>        Leather, cloth or 'natural' armour e.g. Gargoyle skin, hit on 
>          a 1 or 2
>        Mail or better armour are hit on a 1.
>The character must save vs ST at the number of Die they are hit for. 
>e.g. if a character is hit by 4 tentacles they must make a 4D save 
>vs ST to resist the effects of the sting. =
>If they fail to save they are overcome by nerve toxin, lose all 
>control of their body and fall over. They will be unable to do 
>anything for 1D6 rounds for each tentacle they were struck by. =
>If you want to make it really mean you can make the saves cumulative 
>e.g. If they are struck 3 times in the first round and twice in the 
>second round they must save at 5DvsST!
>Description Mythological Monster. The carrion crawler looks like a huge
>green caterpillar with a ring of 2 foot long tentacles around its mouth. =

Someone refresh my memory: What does HS mean again?

I dunno ... an ST of 40 seems high for a 3HD creature.  There 
ought to be some provision for both cutting off the creatures
tentacles and getting in a stunning shot to the brain (perhaps
a hit to the head hex of the creature that does more than 8
points of damage (assuming you weren't aiming for the tentacles).


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