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(TFT) TFT Campaign: The Setting

Basically, I took the map from the inside cover of "Warrior-Lords of 
changed the scale from 62.5 km per hex to 62.5 *miles* per hex, ignored 
text within the module, and wrote my own background.


The Land Beyond the Mountains
v 1.01

	Beyond the Blackmire swamps, beyond the ravaged scrublands, beyond
the great plains of fire, and beyond the Asenburg Mountains lie five 
untouched by the Great Cataclysm.  Once the Kingdom of the mighty Asenburg
himself, these lands have remained secluded from the world outside their
gigantic barriers to thrive on their own.  Four of the five realms, most
having shrugged off the shackles of feudalism, now struggle to thrive 
if not at the expense of, their neighbors.  
	The remainder of the land falls loosely under the jurisdiction of
the local governors, lords, and bandit kings who use paid mercenaries 
mainly from the cities) to police their domains.  Much of this territory 
under free rule, owned largely by whomever, or whatever, has settled 
	These very regions are the Land Beyond the Mountains.

DAROK (Darokai; Languages:  Darokan)
	The entire region that falls within the realm of Shaylle, once known
as the Duchy of Darok, is controlled by a bitter tyrant, Lady Thelona
Tagoth, who rules with power some say is supported by a pact made in the
netherhells.  The military is very important in Darok, and nearly all 
are required to serve in the militia for no fewer than two years.
	Elven communities are not as welcome here, while many dwarven
communities exist to supply the Lady's army with arms and armor.

DIHAD (Dihadans; Languages:  Dihad)
	The only realm still operating under feudal law, Dihad is a fine
kingdom thriving under a unified leader, King Ezrekan Plaize XI.  All the
lands' dukes, barons, and counts owe fealty to the king, taking a share of
the crops plowed by their serfs and offering them and their swords in
exchange for prosperity within the region.  
	Dihad is also the realm that houses the Elven Kingdom, located near
where the Bolling and Peace Rivers meet.  In addition, the halfling home 
Two Shires sits on the southwestern end of the same forest.	

ELVENLANDS, THE (Elves; Languages:  Elvish, Common National)
	Although the largest community of elves is located in Dihad, there
are several smaller groups of elves who have settled in other parts of the
Land Beyond the Mountains (mainly in Muipoco and Soukor).  In general, the
elves choose locations of high mana, and/or areas good for raising 

MUIPOCO (Muipans; Languages:  Muipoconi)
	This beautiful realm of art and culture is the largest of the four
civilized regions.  Rule is held by the council of three, comprised of 
members each from the mage caste, the merchant caste, and the artisan 
and ministered by the Chancellor Isabelle Rauthen.  Muipoco is considered 
mecca for those wanting to study and learn, and is home to schools for the
arts, sciences, philosophy, magic, and crafts.  The Chancellor and her
council reside in Balka, the capital.
SOUKOR  (Soukorans; Languages:  Soukori)
	The easternmost realm of Soukor is a prosperous one.  The governor,
Wallace Kitt, and his advisors hold session in Dibrey, perhaps the
wealthiest city in all the realms.  Well-defended by mountains on the 
and water along the southeast. Dibrey is able to control its traffic and
regulate imports.  The entire realm of Soukor is controlled mainly by
economics, including oft-times separate issues like politics and religion.
	Soukor is known for its established equine trade, typically
exchanging gold for horses with the southern barbarians, training the wild
horses, and turning them into excellent fighting steeds and talented 

	The disputed territories along the coast of the sea are referred to
as the Wildcoast, mainly due to the large number of trollkind, bandits, 
barbarians.  Though poorly organized, the people living along the coast 
afforded considerable respect, for lucrative alliances must be made with
them to have access to the great sea.

The Great Dragons
	The dragons of the Asenburg Mountains were once both prevalent and
extremely powerful.  Now, they are only powerful.  Little is known about 
mythos behinds dragons, save that they come in a variety of colors, most 
fly, most know magic, and all are linked to one of the four elements of
fire, earth, water, and air.  Perhaps due to their connection to nature 
magic, dragons and elves seem to have a common bond.  Ages ago, elves 
to raise dragons and use them as not only steeds, but allies and friends 
well.  Some elven scholars claim that the union began as an effort to
preserve the great beasts, who apparently were in danger of becoming
	However, there remain several free dragons who live in the
mountains, despite still-dwindling numbers.  Not only are they hostile to
mankind and other meats, but many seem to be particularly intolerant to
their "domesticated" brethren, as well as the elves who have tamed them.

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