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(TFT) SciFi

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I'm getting a hankerin' to run a TFT sci-fi campaign. I'm going to use the
skills in my TFT Traveller article ( http://www.reese.org/tft/travellr.htm
as a starting point and I'm also writing a new combat system.

Has anyone ploughed this ground before? If so, would you please share your
experiences with me? Thanks.

--Ty Beard, Esq.<

Not really - but I do have a copy of "Skirmish!" the Science Fiction
version of Melee that was written and submitted to Metagaming once. It was
rejected, but it was obviously played (there was a related Interplay
article about the SciFi veresion of TFT). 

So I personally haven't covered this ground, but someone else has and I
have the results of their 'playtesting' if your interested...

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