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Re: (TFT) SciFi

Hi all,
	I ran a SF TFT campaign years ago, and it was quite
successful (by that I mean that the players enjoyed themselves).

	I found that 5 second turns were too long for gun 
battles so after each player had chosen their action, they started
movement and firing could occure anytime during movement 
depending on the rate of fire of the various weapons.

	Good luck,  Rick

>Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
>I'm getting a hankerin' to run a TFT sci-fi campaign. I'm going to use the
>skills in my TFT Traveller article ( http://www.reese.org/tft/travellr.htm
>as a starting point and I'm also writing a new combat system.
>Has anyone ploughed this ground before? If so, would you please share your
>experiences with me? Thanks.
>--Ty Beard, Esq.<

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